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Welcome to VisArts Design.
VisArts Design has provided innovative Internet Solutions for large and small businesses for nearly a decade. Featuring turn-key, innovative business solutions with personalized web site creation, maintenance and hosting. Utilizing the latest web technologies we specialize in business web-presence development, e-commerce solutions, custom graphics, search engine placement and more.

Many people think that registering a domain name, building the web site, and having the site hosted is all it takes to be on the net. This is and isn't true and we'll explain why.

Of course, having your own domain name and a web site equates to ''being on the Internet'' but the question is: Does this suffice?. Well, if your goal is just to have a presence on the Internet, it may. On the other hand, if you are planning to run a commercial web site, where you want to be able to display, promote and eventually sell your product or service, then you need a different approach to this problem. You will want your web site to have an eye-catching design, straight-forward, intuitive navigation with no ''dead end streets'' and more importantly, to be unique and set you apart from your on-line competition.

VisArts Design has two ways to approach this issue:

Creative Freedom - This is the way many of our customers have chosen in the process of developing a web site. You will need to give us an idea on what you want your site to do (e.g. sales, catalog, personal page, etc.) and we will create a layout and a marketing plan for your site.

Exact Specification - In certain circumstances, you may prefer to tell us the way your site should look and feel, including details for example, like the typeface used and the color scheme. This may be the case when you already have a corporate image and you want to keep consistency throughout your web site.

Are you a programmer, graphic artist or a web-design specialist? Interested in promoting your talents in this rapidly growing industry? Please visit our Partner Area for information on how you can (at absolutely no cost to you) become a VisArts Design Business Partner!

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